About Tesonet

Online Project Management: Software-as-a-Service, Marketing, Software Development.

Established in 2008, Tesonet has been growing at a pace ever since. We serve international markets by providing top level solutions for privacy. Focusing on retail customers we also offer solutions for enterprises.

Our goal is to deliver cutting edge technology to online security tools. At Tesonet we always strive for innovations. We take paths that haven't been explored before just to bring that extra special to the table. We take this approach in everything we do - from marketing campaigns to software that sets industry standards.

We are always looking for new talents to join our growing team. Do you speak better C++ than English? Are you a master of PHP or Python? Are you a SEO specialist? Maybe you know everything about server management? Or perhaps you are great with online marketing? If you are ready for Tesonet challenge, check our Careers section to find open positions.

What We Do?

Retail SaaS

We manage multiple SaaS projects, designed for retails markets. Our solutions deliver top online security and highest levels of privacy.

Online Marketing

Data-driven online marketing. We crunch numbers to back our decisions - both for ourselves and our customers.

Back-End Development

We are always looking for a better way. Groundbreaking software from scratch, straight from our development team.

Enterprise SaaS

Top notch services for enterprises, designed to accomodate large scale internet activities, that require highest level of anonimity.

Financial Solutions

We provide encrypted payment gateways to enable secure and fast checkout for small to large businesses.

Front-End Development

Modern design, great usability, advanced UI - for web, desktop and mobile applications.

Let's Work Together!

Our Office

Check out our cool office space!

We are Hiring

We are always looking for experienced, passionate and driven people to join our awesome team. If you are a developer / system admin / business development manager looking for new challenges, drop us a line.